Trinity Farms

We are pleased to announce our worldwide garden initiative creating sustainable self-sufficiency for families and organizations through our Trinity Farms project.

The return of urban farming and local food systems reminds us of the immense gardening efforts of the past. Trinity Farms is about triumph over poverty, hunger, malnutrition, and the dissolution of community ties. This new way of looking at local food has created real-world opportunities for an ecologically superior, community-based approach to our current food system, not backwards corporate rational. It’s been all about the money… but not anymore.

Trinity Farms is a community driven entity with a nationwide and global partnership initiative. The Trinity Farms experience is about the life-giving, nurturing and spiritual aspects of food production.

We offer on-staff educators to help teach sustainable farming practices. Our educational based learning activities engage people’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm while introducing them to fundamental life skills such as nutrition and mathematics. Vegetable gardening during childhood proves instrumental in influencing the development of healthy eating habits while developing readiness through hands-on activities in the areas of science, math, art and literacy. Research indicates that when people learn where food comes from, how it is grown, have hands-on experiences, and use their senses to understand it, they are more likely to taste new food items and accept them as part of their diet which builds a foundation of lifelong healthy choices.

Trinity Farms is promoting this new vision for food systems. It’s about triumph over poverty, hunger, malnutrition and the dissolution of our families, and community ties. The incredible success and rapid growth of sustainable farming has created extraordinary opportunities for a superior, community-based approach and reinvention of our current industrial food system. A food system that has been dominated by unsustainable (environmental disaster) and inequitable industrial models; the standard profit-driven and top-down corporate ways of thinking. Trinity Farms is living what we preach; being who we’re called to be and loving as we are called to love.

Current Projects

Trinity Farms local base of operation is on a 2.5 acre open lot in downtown Wichita. Here, we are installing our 3000sqft greenhouse and additional garden systems for research and development project purposes.

Land Regeneration, Education and Food Production:

As a part of a new stewardship program, Trinity Farms has been offered over 30 acres of what was a conventional farm field at Central Community Church and is converting it into a regenerative agricultural project that includes sustainable demonstration food gardens and a nature trail called Walk of Faith.

The gardens will be not only be utilized for educational purposes, but we will sell our produce at market and feed our friends in-need. All funds generated from this project will be used to help The One Spark Foundation become more self-sufficient and increase the Missions budget for the church.

We are working diligently to prepare this land for life!  The measures that are being taken are specifically to return the land to its natural state. This process includes returning a high percentage of organic matter to the soil, minimum or no tillage, biodiversity, composting, mulching, food crop rotation, cover crops, and green manures. Our nature trail will be installed and maintained with native, shredded tree trimmings. This incredible mulch is sometimes considered a waste by-product by local arborists, yet will be used to help regenerate our soil.

Additional Adventures

  • We are also working with a few other local churches on expanding their church based community gardens and which allows them to feed those in-need and join our market place in an effort to become more financially self-sufficient.
  • Part of the Trinity Farms project is to help families become more self-sufficient, living a more sustainable life style.
  • We are also in R&D mode with a Home Owners Association, a few Retirement Homes, Chiropractors and Doctor’s offices.

Whether it’s a large multi-acre farm, an open lot in a neighborhood or the backyard garden, our systems and partnership opportunities offer a catalyst for family, neighborhood, church, and community development. Contact us today for further details and opportunities.

By default, Trinity Farms reduces the carbon footprint created by Big Agriculture and the Industrial Food System by promoting locally grown food and the systems that enable both education and opportunity within sustainable agriculture.

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