Every Sunday we update this page to share the encouraging acts of kindness submitted by our community throughout the week.

We hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us! If you have a spark to share; feel free to Submit it Here.

I am 16 year old girl that loves life and people. I met Dave when he spoke at our school. He touched my heart so much, that I knew I wanted to be like Dave. I have written that on every notebook that I have. “Be more like Dave.” There is a girl in my... read more

Hi Dave and all the other sparkers. I was at a grocery store and there was a young mother in front of me, and she had two babies. She was trying so hard to remain calm and try to pay for the things she needed to feed her kids. She handed the girl her credit card to... read more

Hi Dave, I hope that you are feeling better. I wanted to share a Spark that I did the other day. I live in Pennsylvania and the meter tickets are very high. I took 200.00 and went up and down all the streets trying to beat the meter people to feed the meter before... read more

Hi David. This is a teachable moment prompted by the advice “don’t make eye contact.” While in college, our honors program sent a bunch of us country bumpkins to Chicago for a conference. They paid for the trip and the meal (college students... read more

My husband and I are volunteer firefighters, and a couple of weeks ago, we went to training as any other week. While there I expressed my concern that I needed cardboard so my son could slide down the hill as a part of his reward for reading 5 books. Another volunteer... read more

Here is my humble teen’s spark. He did this good deed and failed to mention it to me. It wasn’t until we saw this article floating around on Facebook that we knew. This just goes to show that not all of the teens out there are the typical teens. This is a... read more
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