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School Sparks
The School Sparks program by One Spark teaches kids that bullying is wrong. We also teach of the implications of bullying. We teadch the kids to start doing daily sparks. Since we have been doing this, we have seen a significant drop in bullying. 
Warm Hearts
One Spark gives out clothing and hygene supplies to the homeless and anyone in need. We show our love with warm clothing. 
Free Hugs
Sometimes all you need is a hug to make your day. Spark Givers have been out at different events giving free hugs and sharing kindness. 
Covers for Cancer

little_cancer_dudeHere at One Spark, we have been sending out blankets for children with cancer. We want to spread a little warmth and comfort in their lives. 

One Spark Rescue Wagon

The One Spark Rescue Wagon is a group of vehicles that is combing the highways looking for people in need, whether it be a flat tire, a need for gasoline or just a simple repair. The One Spark Rescue Wagon will be there to lend them a hand and get them back on the highway free of charge. The only thing that will be asked of those that are helped is that they pass on a "spark."

Tipsy Taxi

tipsy_taxi_v2Tipsy Taxi was created to educate, eradicate and motivate people with the goal of eliminating drunk driving in Kansas and throughout the world. With Tipsy Taxi, we will pick up anyone - free of charge - that has been drinking and deliver them safely home.

Love N a box

We are very proud of our military heroes and want to let them know how much we love and appreciate them serving and protecting our country. Please help us show our appreciation to the brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day for us.

Helping Hands

Every year, One Spark selects one to two projects that are designed to help a family with home-related needs such as landscaping, remodeling, painting, etc.

Any individual or family needing assistance will need to submit an application and go through our rigorous screening process. Not all applicants will be chosen, but all will be considered.

Santa's Workshop

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and rushing down the stairs, only to find an empty space beneath the Christmas tree. For too many people, this scene becomes a reality during the holiday season. That's why at Santa's Workshop, we are dedicated to bringing a little Christmas cheer to families in our own community and around the world who are facing difficult times. With the help of our spark givers, we provide food, clothing and gifts to families in need.

Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope was created to give people belief that their circumstances in the future will change and to warm their heart and make them feel loved.