My husband and I are volunteer firefighters, and a couple of weeks ago, we went to training as any other week. While there I expressed my concern that I needed cardboard so my son could slide down the hill as a part of his reward for reading 5 books.

Another volunteer jumped into action and said he would be right back, he showed up with a cardboard box from a mattress he had purchased a few days earlier.

Another firefighter asked if he could bring the box to school for my son ( it’s it’s a small town, literally a block away ) we asked why and he said he would like to paint it for him!

We agreed and insisted that he took a few dollars for the paint.

Next morning I stopped on my way to school to assure the cardboard would be delivered (Didn’t want to disappoint a 6 year old!)

Well, the firefighter had knocked it out of the park! He built a box car painted to look like a firetruck, it was awesome! Not only did he delivered it (in the firetruck!) But he noticed the kids were having trouble sliding, so he stayed for over an hour pulling the kids up and down the hill in it! Not only my kid, but any kid who wanted to ride!

As many as 6 at the time!

We were extremely thankful that he made the kids so very happy!

We also organized a small barbecue for everyone as a thank you.

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