Hi Dave,

I hope that you are feeling better. I wanted to share a Spark that I did the other day. I live in Pennsylvania and the meter tickets are very high.

I took 200.00 and went up and down all the streets trying to beat the meter people to feed the meter before they wrote a ticket. They were very good sports about it and in the end we met up and the man asked me how old I was and I told him 77. He said you move like the wind. I told him that I still walk 5 miles a day.

We talked for a little bit and he asked me why I was doing this and I told him “to Spark people.”

He said, “spark?” I told him all about one spark and the great things that they are doing. He asked me what I put on the window. I told him to come with me. We went to a car that I fed the meter on, and grabbed the note off the windshield. He said it looks kind of like a ticket. I said yeah, and smiled.

I read the little note to and here is what it said:

I fed your meter for you, so you would not a ticket. I hope that you will Spark someone else and make their day. I have a copy of the one spark card on the note. I do this 1 time a month. The meter guy said that this was the nicest thing that he had ever seen and then he pulled 2 twenty dollar bills and told me to use it to feed the meter for someone.

We hugged and then I said good bye. He said I am sure we will see each other again.

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