Hi Dave and all the other sparkers.

I was at a grocery store and there was a young mother in front of me, and she had two babies. She was trying so hard to remain calm and try to pay for the things she needed to feed her kids. She handed the girl her credit card to pay and the girl said rather loudly, it was declined. The young girl stood there and then finally said I will put it all back. I stepped up and told the young lady I would pay for her things. She looked at me with joy in her eyes. I told her that I would not hear of her saying no to me.

I think the one thing I have found about being 79 years old, very few people argue with you when you tell them something.

She started to cry and I gave her a hug and told her that I had been in this position once and someone helped her out. I told her that was many years ago and it was sad that I waited this long to pay it on.

I told her that my granddaughter told me about one spark and I have been trying to do a spark a day. I wrote down the name one spark foundation on the receipt, and told her to look it up. She said she would. I gave her what little cash I had and told her to get the kids a treat.

Dave, your one spark has made me feel alive and use for for the first time, in a long time. Keep doing your sparks because they changed me, and I am sure that they will change many more people in the future.

Love Granny

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